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My Center. My Way. MyTix.

With MyTix, you can experience the Kennedy Center your way. If you are 18‒30 years old or an active duty member of the armed services, join this new program designed to make the performing arts more accessible. And by “accessible,” we mean affordable. With discount offers galore and super-special free ticket giveaways, you’ll have access to all kinds of Kennedy Center performances. So see a Broadway hit, hear a symphony concert, or try something new. Plus you’ll get to meet other arts lovers and share your experiences online and in person. Sound like a deal? You better believe it!

“I look forward to an America...which will steadily enlarge cultural opportunities for all of our citizens.”
 - John F. Kennedy

MyTix in the Community
In addition to serving our Millennial and active-duty U.S. military servicemember patrons, MyTix reaches out to meet the needs of the community with increased access to performing arts events. If you represent a community group in need, contact our Community Partnership representative for more information.

Here's What You Need To Know: